Customer concerns

High customer satisfaction is a key factor in the Lufthansa Group’s success

Ensuring in-flight safety and passenger well-being is a top priority for the Lufthansa Group. In order to meet this requirement, all airlines in the Lufthansa Group have a comprehensive safety management system. Every two years, independent auditors review the safety standards applied Group-wide as part of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

A clear focus on customers, operational stability, innovative products and services and an emphasis on quality are essential for a service provider like the Lufthansa Group. Long-term customer relations require reliable travel solutions, dependable customer services, personalised experiences and simple, flexible processes. Investment in a modern aircraft fleet and the continuous ongoing development of the Group’s offering – including in terms of sustainability and digital services – are intended to make flying attractive for customers of the Lufthansa Group.

As in the previous year, the Lufthansa Group once again registered a persistently high level of demand in the reporting year. Combined with infrastructure bottlenecks, this disrupted the stability of flight operations, especially during peak travel periods. This was reflected in issues such as delayed flights, problems with connecting flights and delayed or lost luggage. The Lufthansa Group therefore deliberately invested in measures designed to strengthen the operational stability of the Group’s passenger airlines and improve products and services throughout the travel chain, during every phase of the flight. The travel chain encompasses the entire trip, starting with booking a flight, followed by the various phases such as check-in, security checks, boarding, the flight itself, landing and finally the passengers’ stay at their destination. It includes every step and every service intended to enable a seamless and holistic travel experience.

Data protection and data security are playing an increasingly important role

The secure, legally-compliant handling of data forms the basis for a trusting relationship with customers. The Lufthansa Group has a data protection management system in place in its Group companies that meets the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). The Group has established an organisational structure for data protection that is dedicated to ensuring compliance with the rights of data subjects and the duties of controllers. This entailed creating easily reachable points of contact, both internally and externally, and establishing processes to fulfil information requests by data subjects within the required period, for example. Current information about the processing of personal data is also provided on the Group companies’ websites. Awareness of this subject is regularly promoted among the employees of the Lufthansa Group through mandatory web-based data protection and data security training. Another goal is to ensure the comprehensive prevention of cyber risks, which have gained in importance due to the increasing digitalisation of business processes.
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